Wind Sculptures

Here is another look at a bike. Some might think that I am into cycling or something, but the reality is I don’t bike. Just so happens that I had a lot about bikes sent my way the last little while. The bike featured this time is the Trinity Advanced SL 0 from Giant Bicycles. It has a pretty price tag to go along with the pretty looks, and personally I don’t understand how anyone could drop $12,000 on a bike.

Regardless, here are my thoughts on the bike. To me it looks as if it had very little influence from designers and is purely functional. I don’t recall from where, but I remember a designer saying to an engineer that the destination isn’t always as important as the path getting there. Generally I would agree, but with the Trinity I feel the aerodynamic path is all that is needed. Unlike the initial Priuses that look like someone stepped on the front of it, the form flows and has brilliant lines and doesn’t appear to be over engineered. Judge for yourselves, but I think nature (wind) has done very well with this non organic object.

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Designer with furniture as a medium. Seeking to create long lasting good quality designs.
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3 Responses to Wind Sculptures

  1. mark says:

    TT bikes in general get pretty gnar. Since the whole thing revolves around being as aero as possible.

  2. Megan says:

    when you going to update this thing?

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