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I want your vote!

Things have been very interesting the last little while. We had some torrential down pours and I spent a day hobbling around trying to abate a flooding shop and office. Then following the rains we had a scene from the … Continue reading

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Fashion Design

In the design and art world noses are often turned up towards other fields. I generally find this funny as one group will try to justify why they are better or why another field is worthless. With that said I … Continue reading

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Posters and Graphic Design

Brandon Schaefer and myself both have something in common: we both make things. Brandon’s speciality is graphic design and I have shared a few of my favorite posters here. The posters show his versatility and all have his mark. I … Continue reading

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Gear me up.

With this piece unlike the license plate I know in general what I want it to become; but I’m not sure how it should look. So I will be starting the design process and like last time let you know … Continue reading

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Spencer Nugent

Spencer is an industrial designer and co-founder of IDSKETCHING. IDSKETCHING provides online sketching and drawing tutorials for industrial designers, graphic designers, illustrators and artists. Until recently Spencer worked for the design firm ASTRO Studios in San Francisco, and now as … Continue reading

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