2010 Trade fair

I am well over due for a post and an update with the disc. 2010 has already been extremely busy with multiple projects, and the disc hasn’t been one of them. One project is for yours truly and I will share that when I am finished. With another, I was put back a little due to the rodents that have been trying to run me out of my shop and ate (seriously) a portion of the plans I needed. Needless to say, some redesigning had to take place (that’s what I get for not scanning my stuff and keeping an electronic file). I am getting back on top of things and will be moving forward, including a new t-shirt design come February. In the mean time I hope this post will hold you over.

After perusing pictures from the imm cologne trade fair for interiors, I pulled some of my favorites to share with you. All and all, I liked what I saw. An underlining theme of grids and extremely clean lines suited me well. Lots of solid, undiluted colors, but not loud and in your face, with more grays and blacks than in the past.

The general idea of this chair has been around, but I loved the combinations and transitions of the material used. Nice mix of fabric, plastic, and wood. The long straight lines of the wood grain play in perfectly with the design as well. Exhibited by Dolphin Home.

Couch exhibited by Molinari.

Loved this playful chair titled “Trickery” but not sure whom it was exhibited by.

I don’t like the proportions on this table exhibited by Scholtissek. The legs seem overbearing but I love how thin the table top is. It creates a very interesting look. I would love to know how this is constructed to have the strength needed across the distance of the table.

Though I like the look of that thin table, I am a sucker for solid slab. Kauri is an ancient wood (50,000 years) that they dig out of the ground. I will post a video and a little more about this wood later. I was contacted by a sales rep who sent me a sample and have to say that it is a pretty wood. Obviously the slab and chairs were exhibited by Kauri.

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