So here is a quick bio and a walk through of the blog of Sean Favero.

I am an industrial designer with a visual arts background. Art has many mediums and though furniture generally is my canvas, this blog will show another. This blog is a way for me to communicate some of my passions that bring me joy, and I hope that you enjoy them too. For more information about me, you can visit my web page here, or for my manifesto and info on what I can do for you, you can go here.

Found Art – This is the main reason for starting the blog. I am currently living on a farm and find all sorts of “goodies” that become creations in my mind. So I decided to share this found art and the process to make it happen. This is something I will be doing in addition to my current work and will try to keep most projects small enough to do within a week period. Once finished they will be posted on ebay with a starting bid that covers my materials.

Design Spot – After starting to get the blog ready to go I realized that I wanted to communicate about other things as well. So this is were I will talk about anything else design and answer any specific questions anyone has about design, art, furniture, or whatever as long as it pertains.

T-Shirts – I think that T-Shirts are a great medium and a lot of fun. I will ask a specific designer every month to design a handful of shirts that we then sell over a month or two. This is a great way to get to know other designers, and with a limited quantity you’ll also get something unique that you won’t find at your local skate shop or retail store.

Store – This is a means for me to share some smaller gift items that I have fun with but generally don’t have someone asking me nor do I promote to do on a commission basis. I think you’ll find these are original and one of a kind. This is also where one would purchase a shirt.

Questions – This is where you can ask me specific questions or are sent to the appropriate spot to do so. Really no need to explain.

Favero – Simply a link to my web page where you can see what I really do.

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