Cheek Pincer

So this is how we start the new year off. I thought this was an interesting idea that pushed some boundaries and is worth a mention. Dezeen featured Carolien Laro’s collection of furniture called Spring Wood that displays this unique seat idea. I’m only showing one as the other designs were nothing new or original. As can be seen, the seat top is flexible by the slits that are cut into it. I, however, don’t really ever care to sit in one as I have visions of my butt receiving a 100 little smurf bites.

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Designer with furniture as a medium. Seeking to create long lasting good quality designs.
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3 Responses to Cheek Pincer

  1. Matthew Larson says:

    And those wheels are totally worthless. Two wheels will fight the other two at all times.

  2. Matthew Larson says:

    Oh wait, I’m retarded. They’re not for moving about, but to allow the chair to do its bitings.

  3. sean favero says:

    yeah, I don’t think they ever were intended for mobility, simply to let it flex.

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