Cultipacker = Jewelry Box

I’ve been stewing for sometime now with what to do with the little piece of cultipacker. This has been a hard one, but after much thought and sketching I have decided to do a jewelry box of some sorts. The negative space under the cultipacker is 3.1875″ high, 2″ wide and 13″ long. This should help when visualizing my sketches. I left the notes off the sketches, I don’t read them and figure no one else would either. The ideas shown are my favorite so far; I wanted to post them to show where my mind is going on it.

I used a color pencil for the sketches, one of my favorite mediums before I found my way into industrial design. I questioned once again why my instructors back in college ever convinced me to leave it behind. I love using it for exploration and the soft feel of it. I also discovered that my scanner is no longer working properly so sorry that they are not fully in color and a bit speckled. Materials, color combos, etc. haven’t even been a thought yet, just the function of everything either being push drawers or a hidden box accessed by lifting up the clod breaker. Any thoughts or opinions are welcome before I continue to go down the avenue that I am.

About sean favero

Designer with furniture as a medium. Seeking to create long lasting good quality designs.
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