Designer lashes

Generally I dislike things that are fake. I am a natural kind of a guy and I am sure as most you know that have been following this blog, very much a minimalist. Not to say that I can’t appreciated something of a Gaudi nature, I know that it has its place and to be done right like anything takes true talent.

Now, when I saw this post on Dezeen I had my normal knee jerk reaction. Fake eyelashes make me think of hookers and street trash. Now I know personally some ladies that do an all right job with it but this is still what comes to my mind. As I looked closer at these though I became more intrigued, appreciative and saw the creativity in them. Great design and some thing I could see on more than just a lady of the night.

These are the newest addition to PAPERSELF produced by their team and received the Norman Copenhagen Best Product Award in 2010. They were inspired by the art of chinese paper-cutting and some use objects with a significant meaning to that culture. Because of this, these eyelashes bring contemporary design to traditional culture.

About sean favero

Designer with furniture as a medium. Seeking to create long lasting good quality designs.
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