From disc to serious fruit display

We have had an inversion of sorts here in the valley, and it has been foggy and wet for far too long. I only tell you this because I take pictures with a north facing window that lights my projects. Well, the light has been poor and these photos don’t read as I would like them to.

I debated between various options of what to use the disc for, and the top two were a fruit bowl or a hanging chandelier. It was hard to decide between the two, but in the end I felt that this piece was better as a bowl. This will be best suited for an island or a large table were it can rest as a functional piece or simply an artistic piece. Due to the weight, I wouldn’t recommend this to someone who would have to pick it up and move it to make the kitchen or whatever functional.

Basically all that needs to happen to make it into a fruit bowl is base. I will be using wood, and if I can find hardware that will match I might even have multiple tiers with glass shelves above the steel. The wood will be turned on a lathe specifically to match this disc. I have yet to decide on the species, but I will probably go with a lighter color to contrast the steel. On the disc I used up about half the metal brush and was successful in removing anything that was protruding out. I also removed all the dirt and most of the excess rust. I stopped it where I did because the pocks were too deep and I liked the natural patina look the steel received after years of weathering. Once the metal brush stopped removing material, I took steel wool and buffed the whole disc to give it a uniform look. To keep it from returning to a rusted mess and for easy clean up, I will coat the disc with a resin of sorts.

These are line drawings I did while exploring options and they are not to scale, proportionate, or even containing the proper amount of notches along the edge. It does however show what I will be doing and roughly what it will look like.

These photos show the actual coloring and how the low spots still feature the rust . The top is the best out of the two.

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