Half Pipe Heaven

I will be taking off the poll this evening, so if you wanted to add your two cents do it now. For the rest of you thank you for your emails, votes, and comments. In the mean time I hope you enjoy this quick design spot.

This building is called the New Bouwkunde. I got this from Dezeen and had a visual of dropping into this giant half pipe. Adam Wojtalik designed this conceptual design for his masters project. It is for the Delft University of Technology’s Faculty of architecture. The “tower” is eleven stories and the “pavilion” is five stories covered with photovaoltaic panels.

The shape is intriguing, though I question the cost effectiveness of such a roof. I also think that he needed to address what would happen with the massive amounts of water running down from a good rain. If you visit Dezeen you can get more information. I really like it, and for those of you who grew or are growing up with a board on your feet I hope you get the titillating visual I did.


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