Hand Grenades

Here is a nifty little design I picked up off Dezeen yesterday. These were designed for social initiative “Ctrl.Alt.Shift” and British design brand “Suck UK.” I’m not going to get into what they are politicizing and all that because I think it is pretty weak and lacking substance. But, I like the idea of a hand grenade hanging from my Christmas tree.

Seeing it made me think of old war photos I have seen with grenades adorning Christmas trees. It made me think of things that go bang and the fun times with them. I liked it as an alternative to your everyday ornament, and seeing that I have an eclectic mix on my tree I wouldn’t mind having one on there. I’m guessing this might appeal to soldiers out there as well and is a little safer than the real thing. Take it or leave it, I thought it was fun and started me thinking about this Christmas season.


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