Hand made tools

I love tools but unfortunately have to be disciplined and make do at times. One of my classmates, who now designs for Coleman, did furniture restoration for a while during school. He loved this job as he said he got to be creative. Lack of tools and machines made it so he always had to tweak something to become something else, make a jig or something to get anything “special” done, which apparently was most things. I generally prefer a proper tool but this is my little rig.

I am lacking an angle grinder and decided to turn my drill into one. I bought a wire brush and a bolt. Simply, screw the bolt into the wire brush, cut the head off the bolt, grab your drill, chuck up the shaft of the bolt, and voila. Who needs an angle grinder when a drill in this case will do the job. If anyone has an easier way to clean off rust let me know and I’ll post it.

There is a lot of surface area on the disc. Initially I thought that I would be able to get it clean in the hour I set aside last night but that wasn’t the case. I think that I have a least a couple more before the disc will be clean and ready to use. I haven’t decided on a design quite yet, but knew I needed to clean it up and figured it might give me a better idea of what I want.


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Designer with furniture as a medium. Seeking to create long lasting good quality designs.
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