Hand made tools cont.

The hand made tool worked just like it should. After about another hour of brushing I found that the amount of rust and size of the disc dictated that I would need to do something different unless I wanted to spend a day at it. After pondering, I figured I could use my lathe to get some higher RPM’s. I pulled the head attachment to the side, chucked it up and brought the disc to the wire brush. This wasn’t the safest procedure and therefore I am not going to recommend it, though it worked great.

The disc now has a destiny, but I am planing on leaving it be until after the new year. I will do a design spot post or two until then but plan on relaxing a little and enjoy some time with the family. Come the new year I will show you a sketch and explain what is going to happen. Happy Holidays.

About sean favero

Designer with furniture as a medium. Seeking to create long lasting good quality designs.
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