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You can read about me in the “about” section or visit my actual website here. This blog is going to be all about taking something and turning it into something else. Our minds are brilliant tools that I believe can get bored with what we provide them and need to be exercised and stretched. We all have things though that make us tick, and I love to imagine and create. So, this is what I see and how I view things at times and how I keep my mind in shape. This is a blog where you can see the world as I do and hopefully spark some creativity and imagination of your own.

This is what birthed the whole blog.

This is an old piece from a dirt clod breaker that I found. After finding it half buried in the dirt I imaged something. So I drew out the idea and set it aside until I could get to it. Once I got to it I drafted it out, picked out the wood and finish, and got to work. The pictures walk you through from the found piece, squaring of boards, cutting out the rough area of the sphere’s, legs, and arms, gluing the pieces together, using a bastard rasp to round and shape everything, sanding, and applying the finish.

Since I was not thinking about sharing this with others I only took pictures for what interested me and they show very little of the process. With future projects I will document the process closer and post a description of what is taking place in each image and videos when necessary. I hope only that this will give you an idea what I will be offering.

In the pictures you see the found object to the finished item, or “Creature” as I have titled it. I submitted it to Lark Books 500 Cabinets and hope it makes it into that publication. I was very pleased with 500 Chairs, where my Big Boy Sofa Chairs are shown, and would love to have another piece published in the 500 Series.

I am open to suggestions and special requests. As I am going along, I would also like to know what parts of the process you want more detailed and so forth. Come back and visit me often, give me your thoughts and please enjoy.

About sean favero

Designer with furniture as a medium. Seeking to create long lasting good quality designs.
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