Inspiration from everything

I like to look at the world around me, and I am inspired by much of what I see. While taking a break in one of my shops, I was looking at an exposed chimey and wood burning stove. There is a slight leak of water around the flue that I have been hesitant to fix and this is why (sorry the camera still isn’t working quite right).

The pipe, depending on the amount heat and water, has assumed an array of colors, patterns, and rust levels. I haven’t had the heart to fix the leak as I throughly enjoy the transformation that I have been able to watch. This is part of what has inspired my found art projects and my desire to leave metal as I have found it in its natural corroded state. There are many things around us that inspire us and make our designs and art better as a result. It is a simple mater of seeing what is around us and noting the feelings, emotions, and response that we get from them.

About sean favero

Designer with furniture as a medium. Seeking to create long lasting good quality designs.
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