Kauri Wood

Here is a little more about the Kauri wood that I posted earlier. I was contacted by a sales representative from Ancientwood wondering if I would be interested in ever using Kauri on any of my projects. The answer was yes, though I have yet to convince any clients to use some (any takers?). The wood runs somewhere in the ballpark of $35 a board foot, is very pretty, and comes with an awesome story. They sell it in slabs, timbers, flooring, veneers, ply, natural edge . . . pretty much anything product you want or can get from wood.

Kauri is protected in New Zealand (Kauri is only found there) so it can’t be harvested like normal. Someone realized that vast old forests lay buried just below the surface of the ground in peat swamps. It’s been there for more than 45,000 thousand years they say, preserved all this time by the peat. Long story short, with the use of very large machinery they dig this out of the ground. They usually only harvest the lower trunk section and ball root structure, as the part of the log above ground long ago decayed. So, the trunks tends to be “V” shaped. Occasionally they do find complete rounds deeper in the ground. The video pretty much says the rest.

What fascinates me more than anything is the size of slabs that you can get from theses logs. Working with a slab with a natural edge gives you different possibilities and stands alone as nothing in my opinion is needed to adorn it. You can see this from my Potentate piece. For more on Kauri you can visit Ancientwood’s site or click here to go straight to the “story” section.

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