Lanky-Lou, our non feathered friend, is here for your entertainment. Today I guess that I am spotlighting myself. While sitting with my leg elevated I was supposed to be designing a crib, but I could not get other ideas out of my head that were floating around. Long story short the crib never got designed and I kept doodling other things. This was one of my favorites that I couldn’t resist bringing into reality. Here it is, wood and strings, available in the store for a Christmas gift or whatever.


I threw in the sketch or doodle so you could see where it all came from. The doodle shown was only a couple inches long. When I was drafting and prototyping I realized real quick that the proportions drawn didn’t look quite so attractive in real life. That is not unusual though and something that simply needs to be worked through. All part of the process.
Lanky-Lou is a puppet that is aproximately 16.5″ long and 6″-7″ wide while performing. The puppet is for sale and comes in two wood choices: either blood wood (featured) or black walnut. Both have a light oil finish. You can specify which one you want at the store. The wood is about .5″ thick and of course the grain pattern will vary from piece to piece of wood. With these last photos I had to use the flash and I apologize for that, but I don’t think it is humanly possible to hold something still for the slow shutter speed. Anyway, I was trying to catch the life of the movement but realized that I need to get a camcorder and video it, which I will do down the road. For now though, these will have to do. I hope to add more toys down the road and have a great kitchen accessory that I hope to have up by the beginning of December. So I will be spotlighting myself from time to time as I add items to the store or simply do something so wonderful I just have to pat myself on the back.


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Designer with furniture as a medium. Seeking to create long lasting good quality designs.
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  1. Megan says:

    i LOVE this!

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