Now these are no techno-kenetic wave sculptures or a Piggy Vase, but worth a post and I’ll briefly explain why. The mugs aren’t so much the focal point as much as the way they are stored and go together. It’s the whole package/experience and the mind of whoever thought this up. They make the user’s life easier and create some organization to what would be otherwise a chaotic mess in a cupboard. They also do not stick out like a sore thumb on your counter and are quick and easy to get to. This design has been around long enough that some of you may recognize or recall seeing it at some diner or bed and breakfast. There are many different retail outlets as well that sell the mugs in various shapes, colors, and sizes. That’s my quick review. You can decide from there. Thanks bother for sending me the photo.

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Designer with furniture as a medium. Seeking to create long lasting good quality designs.
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  1. Megan says:

    I’d buy these. they are cute, i like the rainbow colored ones the best. the black and white ones look to hotel-ish or restaurant-ish for me.

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