Offset Chair

This is an absolutely fantastic design by Giorgio Biscaro. Biscaro, sei molto bravo! It is titled Offset Chair and is made from plywood slices. I saw this posted in Job in Design some time ago and fell in love with it. Some years ago I designed some furniture for a home providing service for those with special needs titled brawny. The same concept of sandwiching the wood together was used only mine was much less rough and very finished. I liked the idea of being able to purchase something in a box though that would have considerably more strength than some piece of crap you bought from IKEA.

A simple and well done design with a fresh look on bent wood, shippable, and plywood furniture. Though I get the point it is supposed to look rough I could do without the burn marks from sanding on the bends. To me it cheapens the look. However, even with that said I give it two thumbs up.

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