Option #1 wins by a hair

After adding in the non poll votes to the poll votes Option #1 won by 1 vote. I really can’t believe it was so close and it seems the battle was between the more contemporaries out there and the more traditionalist. Option #3 was clearly not a contender, but that happens every once and a while.

Thanks for all your feedback and thoughts.


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Designer with furniture as a medium. Seeking to create long lasting good quality designs.
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2 Responses to Option #1 wins by a hair

  1. Man, I must have bad taste because I voted for #3…

    How’s the leg doing, by the way?

  2. sean favero says:

    Brad, don’t feel bad. I designed it so what does that say about me? In all seriousness, many of the comments made stated that they liked #3 but liked #1 or #2 more. I was hoping to do some bending, but that will have to wait for another project.

    Leg is doing well. I’m on a cane now and enjoying being much more mobile.

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