Solar Demi

Love this simple and pure design.  I am pretty sure that this is not where the idea originated as people from Brazil and a couple of other countries tout that they were the first.  Either way I love seeing the human brain at work.

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Leaning Chair

This is one of those that I have been holding onto for sometime. A friend sent this to me from Design Milk. The chair was designed by Shay Carmon and Ben Klinger; it boasts a very simple, clean look and gives the feeling that you might break your neck if you try sitting in it. “Leaning Chair” is unique and I like it.

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Marshmallow Head

When I first saw this my immediate thought was, “Boy if old bike helmets were nerdy no one stands a chance with one of these.”  I then learned that Hövding is supposed to work like an airbag in a car and only deploys when it senses abnormal movements.  My question is then, what exactly is an abnormal movement? Is some kid going to loose his balance on his bike a for a couple seconds and whamo hello marshmallow head.

The idea then is that it stays hidden in a scarf untill duty calls and it pops out and inflates. Designed by Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin and was one of the winners for this years INDEX awards.

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Soap Flakes

This is a project done by Nathalie Stampfli called Soap Flakes. There are two different models for different applications but both address the same issues. Some for example would be, dealing with a slippery bar or simply getting the biggest bang for your buck and not purchasing water when buying a liquid soap. You can visit her webpage here for more information on her thought process or to see her other work. I thought it was an interesting and fresh approach to soap.

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Rocking Lamb

This is my new favorite thing, the Rocking Lamb. It was inspired by it’s larger predecessor the Rocking Sheep. It is about 12″ tall. Clearly too small to be used as intended, but a different way of looking at the original and could perhaps be used as a foot stool. The artist name is Povl Kjer and is a Danish sculpture. Though there are many types of rocking animals, I think that this one tops them all. If I were to buy such a rocking animal I would go for the larger Rocking Sheep and look no further.

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