White Coral Custom Entertainment Center

This piece is done by Dan Sjogren from Sjotime. I can’t say that this is a favorite piece or something I have to get. I however like the concept and idea behind the piece. I have seen pieces here and there that deal with depth so to speak, but not actual layers. Nice way to get around glass on an entertainment center and some food for thought.

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Surprise Stefani

This is a music video for Dan Deacon produced by Newfoundland Tack. I have never seen anything like this before. I have long loved the use of doors and windows in art and literature as a view into a whole new world so to speak. I think this video follows that theme, only in a different way. Nice song to go along with a visual feast. Very artistic and well designed.

Dan Deacon – Surprise Stefani from AdF on Vimeo.

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Slow Sofa

Slow Sofa is designed by Federik Roije and is worth a look. I will be perfectly honest that one of the reasons why I am sharing and why this sofa appeals to me is that is is very much like something that I would design and similar to much that I have designed. It is simple, yet has depth and a their is a focus on the wood making it more than just an upholstered piece. I also like the adaptability of it to any enviroment and will only add the complaint that this looks liked a veneered piece were I would much rather have it be solid wood; probably would more than push it out of the target price range.

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Pushing Boundaries with Materials

Thank you Jimmy James for sending this my way back in March. These furniture pieces were posted then on Core77. They are by MAKEMEI and as their goal, are clearly pushing the box when it comes to the boundaries of materials. Nice lines and seamless construction. Beautifully done. The first piece is a love seat. The second a desk with a carved angle to put whatever you are looking at on. The last is a just because coffee table.

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Soldier Boy

Here is a painting by China Mike. It is titled Soldier Boy and tickles my fancy for a number of reasons. Though I will not comment and simply let you enjoy or dislike it. If you visit his webpage he also has some fun paintings of Luchahuahua that I like for different reasons.

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