Pick up wood

I was looking at Alain Berteau’s webpage, saw his “Pick up wood” and this is what I have to say. What? If you visit his site it says, “We have to think beyond recycling; why waste energy shaping wood when nature is already doing such a good job?” If this is the case then why did they waste “energy” making a metal hook. Why not just find another branch that could act as a hook and latch it together with some of the bark that is peeled off. Or better yet, why not just skip all of that and just fold the shirt and put it on the floor? Is the hanger really all that necessary?

This is one of those concepts that is simple, and because of that I truthfully like and enjoy it. I just wish people would call things as they are. I do have the concern about the branch rubbing off on the clothing or even stinking it up. Some woods are not very aromatic (especially if a wet shirt is hung on it to dry). Of course spray on lacquer would take care of that, but myself as a consumer and a designer would not want to deal with that.

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