For any questions, thoughts, concerns, kudos, or whatever non-related to posts you can leave a comment here or email me at If you are interested in a commission piece please email me or visit my web page, give me the details of what you want, and I will contact you shortly.

Basically I am happy to answer any question that pertains to what I do, which is a lot. If a question is outside my area of expertise, I would be more than happy to find an answer and link you to where I got it.

4 Responses to Questions

  1. Wayne Funk says:

    I want to buy things but there is nothing on the shelves. Its like shopping at a communist design website. I love it.

  2. sean favero says:

    Wanye, I’m glad you love it but you’ll only be able to enjoy the “communist design website” for a little longer. October 1st the shelves will start filling up and if you can’t wait that long you can always order a custom piece!

  3. Austin Favero says:

    That giant metal thing your making the fruit bowl with, what was it? Where did it come from?

  4. sean favero says:

    I found it half buried and mixed with chunks of concrete in an irrigation ditch. It was a disc used to turn under soil. It’s from a rig where there are multiple disc in a row and usually two rows. The rigs are called disc harrows. You can click here to read more about harrows from Wikipedia.

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