Rapid Visualization

I have grown tired and bored of many designs found today, especially when it comes to consumer electronics. Is this due to myself, or is design lacking? I have come to the conclusion that it is lacking and caused by something that has been bred into young designers. The problem spurs from professors, the industry and peers insisting that everyone sketches in more or less the same way. Without getting into it more I believe the mode of exploration and style leads to the ultimate look and feel of the design. By having set parameters of what is kosher or not limits exploration, visual stimulation, and so forth.

While musing about all this I saw this video and it sparked some thoughts. I’m not suggesting that everyone throws down the pen and paper and gets a light box with some sand on it, but it is an interesting way for exploration. Maybe with some different types of exploration and styles we might come to some different sorts of designs. The artist here is Kseniya Simonova who won “Ukraine‚Äôs Got Talent” and got a pretty penny. She is not the only one out there that does this, just the one that I choose to share. The video is long but the first couple minutes illustrates the speed and uniqueness of this mode of communication.

I will be finally moving forward with the fruit bowl and posting the next shirt design that will be available. I will be pulling what shirts are left from Spencer, so if there is one your size available that you want, get it now. Come then the mode in which the shirts will be available will be changing and I will explain that at the time.

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