Safety First

Right now I am building a home, which I have found to be quite the experience. One day while walking through I was noticing some behavior that I thought was far from safe. Not wanting to lecture someone on a process that I truly know nothing about, I withheld from saying anything. A few days after that one of the supervisors came to visit. Later, once he was gone, I took my normal walk through to see the progress and saw there was “safety first” written all over the place and safety devices set up that weren’t there before.

Well, as many of you know I have a fancy pants SawStop. About two weeks ago I had turned the bypass on (keeps brake from engaging when it meets something conducting, like pink soft fleshy stuff) so I could cut a piece of wood with a thin sheet of metal on it. I made the cut and while clearing a piece of wood to make another cut, whack. Of course I let my guard down while the bypass is on and while inspecting the damage the little story shared above came to my mind with emphasis on “safety first.”

I cut my finger in the morning and the first pic was from later that night. The little thing bled like something from a Monty Python skit for the first two days. However the bleeding was not immediate and it was shaved as such that I could see the tip of my finger bone before it started gushing. The last picture was taken a couple days ago. You can see that it is healing and filling in quite nicely. Safety First. Tomorrow is the last day to get your Pirate Abe shirt.

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4 Responses to Safety First

  1. Jared says:

    Wha! Lucky you it wasn’t worse… Table saw injuries are normally horrid since it tends to suck your fingers in to the blade.

  2. sean favero says:

    I considered myself very lucky. And your right about table saws sucking things in. I believe it did on mine as well as the starting point was the nick between my two knuckles and the end was the point of the finger. I felt the pull first and the whack came at the end once it chunked off the finger nail.

  3. Megan says:

    you know what they say….

  4. Jan Bassi says:

    Rich did the same thing to his finger about 15 years ago. Y’all will have to compare pictures!

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