Skid Steers and Broken Bones

The lamp is done and looks perfect, if I don’t say so myself. However, I won’t be able to post the final product for a week or so because I had a little accident and fractured my fibula. On Monday I will be seeing a specialist to see if I need surgery or just a cast. I will be away from my computer (which has the final photos) and the lamp while I am recuperating at my parents’ home, which is more favorable for a guy in a splint who has to get around on crutches. For now the found art section will be put on hold, but the shirts are still due to be up on Oct. 1, and I will continue to spotlight design and designers in the design spot section.

To keep things simple I’ll give you the quick rendition of what happened. The front part of a skid steer (the part that holds the bucket, forks, and other attachments) moves away and towards the cab with hydraulics. The lower portion of my right leg below the knee got stuck and smashed as the front part was moving towards the skid steer. If you have ever smashed a digit with a harmer or gotten your fingers stuck in a closing car door, you might know this type of pain. Well, that is what my whole lower leg felt like for the first day. I’ve broken bones and done a lot of stupid stuff to bring pain upon myself, but this was by far the worse I have ever had.

I am lucky because I could have severed my leg or shattered my bones depending on how much more the machine would have closed before it was stopped. I got away with only a puncture wound, a fractured bone, and some severely bruised and damaged skin and muscle tissue.

The first photo is of the section of the skid steer where I got stuck. The second is yours truly sitting in pain at the E.R. The last two are of the injury. The one that shows the top of my shin, which looks like an iron had been stuck to my leg, only it wasn’t a burn and the markings haven’t gone away. The other is the puncture wound that went a few inches into my leg. It is a side view of the injury and not straight on because it hurt too much to move my leg for a better photo.


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4 Responses to Skid Steers and Broken Bones

  1. J says:

    Nice, good luck with that. That lamp looks sweet, make sure you send me a link to the ebay auction so I can check it out.

  2. Sam says:

    Ouch…that’s a bum deal. Hope you’re feelin’ better.

  3. Lindzie says:

    Sean – I’m sorry to hear what happened! I hope it’s at least feeling better!

    Lindzie Favero Head

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