SuperFoam by Rich Gilbert

Rich Gilbert designed this chair. The video shows the process of making the chair using still frames that were on a timer and then fast forwarding through them. Rich has some cool work besides SuperFoam, like the the Eggup project that raises the egg out of your boiling water so it cooks perfectly every time. You can check his site for more of his goodness.

I think the chiar is awesome for a few reasons. One is the simplistic nature. I know this isn’t everyone’s bag, but I really like the look of the s-curve across the cube. Another is the bubbles which takes something simple and make it a more complex. They create a story, a pattern and places for your coins to drop into. It works; it adds to and doesn’t take away. Sometimes people will add something just because or to try to enhance a weak design, but this is not the case. I also like the fact that it makes me want to sit on it; it looks inviting. My only complaint (as you can see from the video) is that without a colored light the chair is clear plastic. I wish he would have used a color additive and made it actually hold the color. I really don’t want to have to plug in my chair.


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