Mariah Halverson took these photo’s of the T-Shirts. They do a much better job of showing off some of Spencer’s Designs. At the rate the shirts are going now we will probably be through the inventory about the end of November. So I recommend you buy one now before your wanted size or color is out. I have added some more inventory, but I am still out of a few. I also have been eating the sales tax for those of you in California, and I think that I will be stopping that come November so just one more reason to pick one up now. Visit the store or shoot me an email for any special needs.

If I happen to run out faster than planned then I will accelerate things with the next designer. I think, however that it will be better to have the shirts up for two months. When in the store click on the the design for the various colors and if you are unsure of a size there is a size chart in the description box.


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