We Were Promised Jetpacks

Here is another form of design that we have yet to talk about. This is a music video from a Scottish band called We Were Promised Jetpacks. I enjoyed the artistic quality of the video and the music as well. For those of you who are not music video enthusiast or could go without music videos, I would not waste my time watching the video. For those of you who are, here is the scoop.

The title of the song is “Quiet Little Voices.” The video took me back to my early childhood and the days of messing with tracking trying to get that perfect quality, thinking you found it only to sit on the couch and it would go sketchy again. Besides that, I like the video because like the song; it was anything but quiet. It was a simple composition having the quality changing in and out of focus and from black and white to color. I think it is easy to see how the video meshes with the lyrics and the tension creates a story with something that otherwise would be boring and plane. Enjoy and judge for yourselves.

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