Wooden base for disc

I must start by apologizing for the poor quality pictures. My lathe sits in a darker spot, which causes problems, but my camera seems to be malfunctioning as well. However the pictures get the point across, and I’ll make sure the camera is healthy for the final photos. All that is left to do is to apply a finish. I am researching what would be best for the rusted steel and would love any advice, if any is to be had.

I chose spalted maple for the base. I liked the idea of imperfect with imperfect to become perfect. The piece is a good size and fortunately the spalting ran through the entire piece. I felt a little wasteful using the spalted maple for this as so much of it will be unseen, but think that it will make the piece.

The piece of wood that is to be turned is piloted with a 3/8 drill bit and then screwed on to the chuck. The chuck here is already screwed onto the lathe.

Once the chuck it secure and the piece on the chuck, the shaping process begins. Not wanting to have the wood warp, I used a dry blank as you can tell from this photo.

Not wanting to waste any of this beautiful chunk of wood (I’ve got something planned for the rest of it) I used a skew and parted the now shaped and sanded base piece. Once the connecting piece got fairly small, I used a saw to cut the pieces apart.

Without the disc on it you can see that it looks very much like a UFO. The disc will be permanently attached to the base via liquid nails to keep it stable and together. This project feels like it has been sitting in my shop for way to long . . . oh wait, that’s because it has. It is now coming to an end though, and I have another great piece already picked out.

Again if there are anything thoughts on what finish would be the best, let me know, and be sure to check out Darrin’s shirt and get your own.

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